Because of his popularity, a bad sign to many art world insiders, Wyeth came to represent middle-class values and ideals that modernism claimed to reject, so that arguments about his work extended beyond painting to societal splits along class, geographical and educational lines. One art historian, in response to a 1977 survey in Art News magazine about the most underrated and overrated artists of the century, nominated Wyeth for both categories.

Art critics mostly heaped abuse on his work, saying he gave realism a bad name. Supporters said he spoke to the silent majority who jammed his exhibitions.


This film depicts the work of painter Jamie Wyeth (son of Andrew Wyeth). Mr.Wyeth shows us his love for painting and the land where he grew up.
His funny anecdotes as well as his ease in relating to youth will inspire and educate Middle and High School students.

[This is an excerpt from a half-hour program]

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